School Programs

This past week, I have to admit that I was nervous that my school program would not be great. Little did I know, the children loved it. I saw myself in their eyes, and I spoke to them as I would have spoke to the younger me. At College, some of those children responded with mature answers, and while I was taken back, I wasn’t surprised. At that moment, the younger ones could understand the message from the older kids response. That moved me, because if children remain sheltered, they won’t understand the basics in life. 

At Lewisville, I had a much larger audience and many of the children talked, a lot. And I mean a lot. I assumed since they were talking, they needed extra special talking attention. I felt that their communications skills could develop more if I asked them more and more questions. They loved that! Most of the children, I had come up and speak so that they could be heard by their peers. Hopefully, they will remember that they were able to bravely speak in front of their classmates. 

When you are able to have discussions with children, they are able to learn quickly. I am not a teacher, but I’m thinking about changing profession after my School Programs. Allowing children to talk is the most important thing in this world. With technology hindering basic communications of children, sometimes it hinders adults from finding ways to communicate too. Ask children as many questions as they ask you and listen. This past week, I was able to speak about my School Program: Bee Yourself…& Bee Sweet—encouraging children to love themselves and to be kind to others. I am grateful that Lewisville ISD opened their doors to allow me to speak to College Street and Lewisville Elementary School. I am anxious to speak next week.

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