Clogging School Program

My director taught me something very valuable, if children are not paying attention or are restless, get them active. So I was asked to teach a clogging step to the ESP at Creekside. Instantly, they were quite and focused at trying something new. I also showed them a picture of myself when I was their age. They loved my picture! 

Children require different techniques to learn, and they want to learn, just get creative. 

Since, judges didn’t understand clogging and one panel of judges all laughed at me when I told them it was my talent, I decided to change to tap dance. 

My message is that regardless, I love clogging, and I will remain an undefeated champion. Clogging is my passion, and I am glad that I was able to teach it to children. Next time, I will bring my clogging shoes, so that they can hear the sounds. 

If children love it, that’s all that matters. 

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