What’s Wrong With Being Confident? 

This word was set off by Miss Universe Pia, and now it has inspired many girls and women. While Pia may be my favorite queen, I have to continue to inspire people, in other ways. At times we can be so caught up with being inspired by others and mimicking others, that we often don’t dig for the real meaning. The word Confident has been misused, many times. There is a twist to Confident. 

The definition of Confident is actually: feeling or showing certainty about something. The question is: what is that something?

My Tip Tuesday is that Courage is most important to me. Courage is of course a synonym of Confident, but it aims to answer the open question regarding Confidence: belief in oneself, as what we are all most fearful of at times. 
Never be fearful of yourself and your passions. This is what the definition of Confident lacks. 

Miss McKinney does not define who I am; I will always be Rosalyn Huff, and that’s what I’m Self-Confident about! 

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