Crowning & Judged

Oh gosh my crowning photo…I was crying!That’s what not giving up means! 11 times!

I could not give up, because this year was my only shot to represent my local city! 

When I heard, “Our new Miss McKinney….”

I was taken back. What some of you don’t know is that this was actually my 13th try it includes last season:

Some memorable moments of being judged:

* I’ve had hiccups on stage or floor rather; meaning I had to redo my talent. 

* I started off clogging as my talent. Then I changed my talent to tap. 

* I was limited with my interactions on social media. 

What the crown really means to me besides, service, scholarship, success, & style: it means that despite being judged, I still never gave up. I can only judge myself, meaning it is I that can communicate who I am effectively to others. 

I just hope that this encourages others not in the pageant world to never give up on yourself and what you know you can accomplish! 

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