IPAC: Inspire Pageant and Celebration

On March 29th, I was able to work with the young ladies in IPAC: Inspire Pageant and Celebration. These ladies over the course of a month gained so much confidence and Saturday April 1st we celebrated them at the pageant. 

From voice projection, walking, and talent these young ladies have grown. I was blessed to be asked to be emcee. It was a true blessing Dr. Pamela Hardy! Thank you for everything that you have done for these young girls and ladies. Their lives have been truly changed forever. 

Chestnut Square

On March 29th, I had just finished volunteering at Chestnut Square teaching 80, 3rd graders from Bennett Elementary (McKinney) about churning butter!! I had so much fun! I hope that I inspired them to continue to soak up knowledge! I was also delighted to meet the other volunteers too! 

Read Across Little Elm

On March 9th, Read Across Little Elm was a success at Prestwick STEM Academy! I was able to conduct an interactive reading about the book, The Empty Pot with Pre-K through 5th grade students, in 3 different classrooms. The embodiment of Kindness and Truthfulness is what we should all strive for. 

God‚Äôs Grace at The North Texas Angels Pageant

I wanted to share with you, my story from March 5th.

I volunteered at the North Texas Angels Pageant, a pageant that is dedicated to those that have special needs, that in everyday life may not get a change to get up on stage to showcase who they are or what their accomplishments are. 

I saw a beautiful little girl with kinky-curly hair similar to mine (when not straight) in a red wagon. I noticed she came from a mixed family. She was 2 and really was filled with joy. At the pageant, as a titleholder, I had to be their guardian angel and escort them to the hair and makeup team, to the activity center, to photos, and backstage/on stage. 

The aunt asked me if there was someone that knew how to work with her hair type, I said yes! Once we arrived upstairs, I then asked one of the lead volunteers if she could pair us up with one that can work on her hair type. We then moved to the other side of the dressing room; we talked and laughed with regular conversation. We also waited for about 20 to 30 minutes. 

Once it was our turn for our Angel, the volunteer stated that she honestly did not know how to work on exotic/ethnic hair. 

The aunt then stated, I’ve never heard anyone use that term for hair before. I then replied with a confused face and said me either. Immediately, the family asked do you know how to do her hair. I quickly responded with a Yes not knowing that I would really be really the one that knew how to work with her hair type, as her hair type is very similar to mine. I then rushed to wash my hands. 

Luckily, the family had Cantu products specifically designed for kinky-curly hair. 

I couldn’t use plastic bands, or those bobbie pins that didn’t have groves, so I searched for mine and asked another volunteer for hers. 

I gently placed the product on the Angels hair to add volume and moisture. I then smoothed her edges and defined her curls. 

And like magic she was ready for the stage!

Ultimately, I just wanted to share to the titleholders that with a crown and sash you can make the most of who you are just by doing the right thing and impacting those in front of you and next to you. It doesn’t take much to volunteer either. I also feel like in order to be worthy of a state title you must have a heart or service, because that crown and sash while you may physically own it, it actually belongs to the people in your community. 

I just hope that my story will inspire someone. 

I sponsored 4 angels for this pageant and next year I hope to double my sponsorship.


Fort Worth Air Show-Miss Texas

After I passed down my crown, I still was yet excited to volunteer! 

With my cousin on Saturday and Sunday, we volunteered a full shift with the Miss Texas Board. We served food and drinks to raise money for Scholarships. Not to mention after one tip jar fell and broke from the wind we both created 2 more! 

If you zoom in you may be able to see the jars behind me in the photos.