Flag Day & Army Birthday 

Everyday, we have to analyze our growth within ourselves! I’ve learned the importance of never remaining stagnant, in life. I have to continue learning about my passion and mission in life as it relates to my platform: V.O.T.E: Voting Optimizes the Election, and teaching others. Today is not just Flag Day, today marks the 241st birthday of our Army! In Fairview, I was excited to meet the men and women sworn into the Army at my nearest city! I am very proud to live in my country to have all of the freedoms that I have!  Between promoting my platform: VOTE, and watching this experience, today, has just encouraged me to push more about my platform. 

Fun Fact: The Fairview Army Chapter will provide a STEM Scholarship for the Miss Texas Pageant. While I was not a STEM grad, one lucky titleholder competing will win this scholarship. 


Crowning & Judged

Oh gosh my crowning photo…I was crying!That’s what not giving up means! 11 times!

I could not give up, because this year was my only shot to represent my local city! 

When I heard, “Our new Miss McKinney….”

I was taken back. What some of you don’t know is that this was actually my 13th try it includes last season:

Some memorable moments of being judged:

* I’ve had hiccups on stage or floor rather; meaning I had to redo my talent. 

* I started off clogging as my talent. Then I changed my talent to tap. 

* I was limited with my interactions on social media. 

What the crown really means to me besides, service, scholarship, success, & style: it means that despite being judged, I still never gave up. I can only judge myself, meaning it is I that can communicate who I am effectively to others. 

I just hope that this encourages others not in the pageant world to never give up on yourself and what you know you can accomplish! 

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?¬†

This word was set off by Miss Universe Pia, and now it has inspired many girls and women. While Pia may be my favorite queen, I have to continue to inspire people, in other ways. At times we can be so caught up with being inspired by others and mimicking others, that we often don’t dig for the real meaning. The word Confident has been misused, many times. There is a twist to Confident. 

The definition of Confident is actually: feeling or showing certainty about something. The question is: what is that something?

My Tip Tuesday is that Courage is most important to me. Courage is of course a synonym of Confident, but it aims to answer the open question regarding Confidence: belief in oneself, as what we are all most fearful of at times. 
Never be fearful of yourself and your passions. This is what the definition of Confident lacks. 

Miss McKinney does not define who I am; I will always be Rosalyn Huff, and that’s what I’m Self-Confident about! 

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Rites of Passage into Womanhood

A recap of last Monday: I was also a keynote speaker for the Rites of Passage Ceremony Ashanti Mentoring Ministry at Friendship-West Baptist Church.It was 6 years ago that I graduated and stepped into womanhood. This was very symbolic for me, because the young ladies that graduated were just enrolling in Ashanti Too, (the younger girls program). I would not be here today if it were not for my Mentors in this Ministry. 

*I will not be releasing any specific photos of the elders, mentors, and mentees, because personally I consider this a private event. 

I encourage parents to place their children in the hands of mentors, so that children can get the best out of life. This is because, while as a parent, you may feel that you are providing your child with everything that they need, however sometimes you may miss somethings. This could be in a career/profession, etiquette, speaking, college preparation, or anything else that concerns interaction. 

Clogging School Program

My director taught me something very valuable, if children are not paying attention or are restless, get them active. So I was asked to teach a clogging step to the ESP at Creekside. Instantly, they were quite and focused at trying something new. I also showed them a picture of myself when I was their age. They loved my picture! 

Children require different techniques to learn, and they want to learn, just get creative. 

Since, judges didn’t understand clogging and one panel of judges all laughed at me when I told them it was my talent, I decided to change to tap dance. 

My message is that regardless, I love clogging, and I will remain an undefeated champion. Clogging is my passion, and I am glad that I was able to teach it to children. Next time, I will bring my clogging shoes, so that they can hear the sounds. 

If children love it, that’s all that matters. 

DIFFA Dallas

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) on Saturday raised funds for organizations that aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Many items were auctioned in the show and outside of the show. Luckily, my older sister was volunteering at this event and I was able to see much more than was was revealed.Many items that were auctioned were furniture, jackets, jewelry, and vacation packages. While this was a grand fashion event, it did promote awareness for HIV/AIDS. The models, dancers and Miss Texas, did a phenomenal job, and I hope next year the titleholders can assist with the silent auction. 

Lucky, at 12:30am, I stayed with my sister until the end of the silent auctions and we formally met David Craig and Mrs. Craig of Craig Ranch! Now we live in the same community, and I have seen him wave at us on numerous occasions and read about him, I just did not recognize Mr. Craig at DIFFA partially, because he was in front of us on the escalator. Everything happens for a reason! 

$1.4 million was raised at this event, and I am so excited that I was able to volunteer! 

School Programs

This past week, I have to admit that I was nervous that my school program would not be great. Little did I know, the children loved it. I saw myself in their eyes, and I spoke to them as I would have spoke to the younger me. At College, some of those children responded with mature answers, and while I was taken back, I wasn’t surprised. At that moment, the younger ones could understand the message from the older kids response. That moved me, because if children remain sheltered, they won’t understand the basics in life. 

At Lewisville, I had a much larger audience and many of the children talked, a lot. And I mean a lot. I assumed since they were talking, they needed extra special talking attention. I felt that their communications skills could develop more if I asked them more and more questions. They loved that! Most of the children, I had come up and speak so that they could be heard by their peers. Hopefully, they will remember that they were able to bravely speak in front of their classmates. 

When you are able to have discussions with children, they are able to learn quickly. I am not a teacher, but I’m thinking about changing profession after my School Programs. Allowing children to talk is the most important thing in this world. With technology hindering basic communications of children, sometimes it hinders adults from finding ways to communicate too. Ask children as many questions as they ask you and listen. This past week, I was able to speak about my School Program: Bee Yourself…& Bee Sweet‚ÄĒencouraging children to love themselves and to be kind to others. I am grateful that Lewisville ISD opened their doors to allow me to speak to College Street and Lewisville Elementary School. I am anxious to speak next week.

Polo on the Lawn

Today, I was able to drive to Oak Point, Texas and support Miss Prestonwood Polo Club at the charity Polo on the Lawn. At this event, I was able to help sell raffle tickets for Children’s Miracle Network. I guess about $600.00 was raised. 

After the first game, we went on the field and tried to stomp divots…ultimate fail, but we tried. 

In addition to the raffle tickets, it was a delight serving food to the Sponsors and VIP. It was a pleasure to serve at this event with my fellow sister queens and sister queens. 

They served us sparkling grape juice(;